Hi, I'm Carrie! I love blasting music, analyzing art, using personality typing systems, and cuddling dogs. I'm lesbian, ex-evangelical, a low-key witch, and live with chronic mental illness. Watching movies with people is one of my love languages. I ultimately just want to make the world a safer, kinder place.

Hi, I'm Sarah! I love smoothies, rainy days, reading, and baby elephants. I'm passionate about learning about the world around me, humanity, myself. I also have strong feelings about warm chocolate chips, and finding healing for myself so I can help others in their journey. Here's to good vibes all around!

Our podcast's mission is to enrich our listeners' lives by helping them make realizations and connections about their relational patterns, childhood, daily life, mental health, and society. We believe growth spreads like a good mood, and hope that our positive energy brightens your day.


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